Starting a business can be so overwhelming.  Mainly because as a new business owner you have no idea what you need or why you need it.  This is exactly why we created the 30 Days 'Til Launch Bundle.  More than just a checklist we actually break it down in layman's terms what you need to start your business and why.  


The Bundle Includes:

  • Launch Legally: Business Basics Introductory Course
  • The Business Basics Handbook
  • The Business Plan Workbook



Business Basics Handbook

Our Business Basics Handbook, 30 Days 'Til Launch:  A Checklist of Legal and Business Basics Every New Business Owners Should Know Before They Open Their Doors is next up in our bundle. This Amazon Best Seller is straight to the point, with no fluff or fillers. It provides more explanation than our Launch Legally Course.  It's straight to the point with no fluff or fillers.

The handbook covers:

- business planning

- choosing the right business entities

- intellectual property

- contracts

and more......

Launch Legally: Business Basics Introductory Course:

This course serves as the base for 30 Days 'Til Launch.  Created after being asked the same question over and over AND over again.  What do I need to do to start a business?

The course is the audio and presentation version of our best selling book, 30 Days 'Til Launch: A Checklist of Legal and Business Basics Ever Business Owner Should Know Before Opening Their Doors.



 The Business Plan Workbook

This amazing workbook walks you through developing your: 
- company profile 
- management profile
- marketing matters 
- price points
- financials 
- and executive summary

It asks you questions you've never thought to ask with the purpose of helping you create a sustainable and scalable business. 

 Is This Bundle For Me?


  • If you are new to business or looking to start a business and have no idea where to start, yes.
  • If you think you can protect an idea, most definitely.
  • If you need help writing your business plan, absolutely.
  • If you are a veteran entrepreneur with your stuff together, no.
  • If you are not willing to do the work, stay away.  Far away.

Bottomline, if you need some guidance in starting your new business and are willing to do the work, this is the Launch Legally 30 Days 'Til Launch Bundle is for you.